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Audio’s Latest Ad Unit Is The Web Display Ad.

How hot is podcasting and audio? Even online display ads want to get in on the action. The result is the display ad creation company ResponsiveAds is adding an audio partner to its creator marketplace. It has teamed up with Adsonica to directly integrate audio snippets into display ads popping up on websites.

“With the audio boom cited by the IAB, since 2021 Podcast Audio Ads are up to $1.4 billion, Adsonica and ResponsiveAds created a series of rich-media audio display ads where users can leverage sound to drive 'brand awareness' and 'content discovery'," said Adsonica CEO William Agush.

Adsonica describes audio display ads as digital ad units which seamlessly combine audio and image without the need for coding or video production. They look like normal images, apart from a "Listen button" which triggers the audio. As the audio begins to play, it says other capabilities can be deployed, such as multilingual audio tracks, video-like image carousels synchronized to audio, and digital coupons delivered to a smartphone wallet. Adsonica is typically priced as a premium on top of $3-5 CPM ordinary display media cost. That compares to video’s $15-25 CPM media cost for mid-tier publishers.

Beyond audio clips, ResponsiveAds says it will also be able to integrate full podcasts and audio streams directly into display ads, something it sees as a way to drive engagement. In addition to its ad templates featuring audio, the new template marketplace from ResponsiveAds also includes display ads with video, augmented reality, and shoppable ads.

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