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Audience Habits Are ‘Shifting Fast,’ Futuri Says In Preview Of New Study.

A new poll of 2,000 Americans shows radio as the most reliable source for clarity and facts among a wide range of audio and print brands. In addition, a majority (65%) of participants in the study with a household income of $100,000 or more said they depend on radio for their news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Local TV ranked third with this group of high earners (62%), just behind cable news outlet CNN (63%).

The findings are part of a preview of a forthcoming study from Futuri, which provides AI-driven audience engagement and sales technology to radio stations, and SmithGeiger which offers research and consulting services to companies in a wide array of industries.

The study reinforces earlier research conducted by Nielsen that shows media consumption among Americans is rising. Futuri says 57% of Americans watched streamed content more often over the past few months, 51% watched TV more often, 48% used social media more often, and 30% listened to local AM/FM stations more often.

According to the study preview, audience habits “are shifting fast” with second quarter 2021 showing accelerated growth in digital adoption compared to Q1. The preview doesn’t quantify the growth.

Titled “The Future of Audience and Revenue,” the study also surveyed about 200 media executives specializing in TV, radio, and digital publishing and conducted focus groups with 100 media consumers. Futuri says the study “polled an accurate depiction of America across age groups, employment, income, and education, as well as an accurate reflection of the media industry based on age, gender, properties, and experience levels,” but hasn’t disclosed specific survey methodology.

A white paper is planned for release Thursday, Sept. 23 with a webinar set for Tuesday, Oct. 12. Registration is available HERE.

“This study reveals tectonic shifts in how media is being produced, perceived, consumed, and purchased across all levels of society and media,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The message is very clear to media executives: now is the time to accelerate innovation to keep pace with media’s evolution, or risk being left behind.”

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