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Apple Podcasts Sheds Some Light Into How Subscriptions Are Impacting Listener Habits.

In a pitch to creators, Apple Podcasts is sharing some insights into how subscription shows are performing. The data shows what might be expected in that people who pay for a podcast are more likely to listen to it. Apple says its data shows subscribers listen to more than two times as many shows per month than nonsubscribers. Subscribers are also more than two times as likely to share podcasts with people they know.

When it comes to subscriber content, Apple says engagement is even higher. For serial shows – those that are designed to be listened to in sequential order -- subscribers are 20% more likely to reach the end of a series compared to nonsubscribers. “Subscriptions give creators a way to engage more deeply with their biggest fans,” it says in a blog post.

Apple also suggests there is a benefit for creators who have multiple podcasts to group them into a single channel with premium benefits offered for one or more of the podcasts. “Listeners who subscribe to your channel are 20% more likely to listen to your other shows in your channel than nonsubscribers,” it says.

Apple is also sharing some insights into how listeners are responding to the paid option. It says since Apple Podcast Subscriptions began more heavily promoting annual plans in April, they have proved to be popular with listeners. It says one-third of all new subscription sign-ups are for annual plans. It also says that creators offering the biggest annual price discounts have the highest share of annual subscribers. “A noteworthy advantage of gaining annual subscribers is that you get paid up front, and listeners can count on a full year’s worth of benefits,” its says.

Apple has not released any subscriber numbers for Apple Podcasts so far. In August, it said there were “thousands” of shows that offer subscription options. To help listeners sort through them, Apple has created a Top Subscriber Shows chart and a Top Subscriber Channels chart in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. Listeners will find them either on the Browse tab on Apple Podcasts app, or by navigating to the charts page.

Earlier this month, Apple made it easier for creators to launch a subscription option, including no longer requiring that a channel be created if a subscription is being set up for a single show. Creators will still need to enroll in the Apple Podcasters Program, however.

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