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AnalyticOwl Tracks Impact Of Radio Real Estate Campaigns.

In this extremely competitive real estate market, radio is the perfect place to reach potential buyers and sellers. Radio reaches 85% of home buyers and 84% of sellers, according to the RAB’s Radio Works “Radio Works for Real Estate” presentation.

Additionally, radio drove a 7% lift in site traffic for realtors and in-person traffic by 37% and the afternoon is the daypart that contributed to the highest lift with activity on Thursday, Sunday and Wednesday.

The report, which features data from AnalyticOwl, also notes that for every day real estate commercials were on the air, there were 14 new visits to brick-and-mortar real estate locations. Friday had the highest total new traffic followed by Thursday, while Saturday had the highest percentage of new traffic based on total activity. Most new in-person traffic occurred between 10am-3pm, followed by 3-7pm.

The analysis was based on 281,200 radio ads representing 136 real estate agencies or brokers that aired between January and December 2021. Overall, the ads resulted in an average of 7% increased visitors (195,000 new users) to real estate websites. Total site users during this time were 7.69 million. Foot traffic was up 37% with total new foot traffic at 48,000.

“Radio is a personal and trusted medium. If home buyers or home sellers hear about a realtor on their local radio station, there is a halo that advertisers will experience,” RAB Senior VP/Insights Annette Malave writes in a blog post detailing the results of the findings. “Using a trusted medium like radio to reach a specific audience is not only the right medium for any advertiser to communicate their honesty and trustworthiness but also the right medium to drive traffic to realtor sites and locations.”

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