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Amy Brown, Co-Host of ‘Bobby Bones Show,’ Launches Health & Wellness Podcast Net.

Amy Brown and iHeartMedia will co-produce a slate of health and wellness podcasts under a new partnership. Brown, the co-host of iHeartMedia’s “The Bobby Bones Show” and the “4 Things With Amy Brown” podcast, launches The Amy Brown Podcast Network this week with a trio of titles:

  • “The Truthiest Life with Lisa Hayim” — Hayim, a registered dietitian who has appeared on “4 Things With Amy Brown,” shares tips, tools and conversations to inspire listeners and help them show up in life’s hardest moments as their true selves. Available weekly each Friday beginning Oct. 23.

  • “OUTWEIGH with Amy Brown & Lisa Hayim” — “OUTWEIGH” began as a miniseries within “4 Things.” Brown and Hayim aim to break the stigma around disordered eating by sharing their experiences, as well as stories from others and from experts who can offer guidance. Available weekly each Saturday beginning Oct. 24.

  • “You Need Therapy with Kathryn DeFatta” — DeFatta, a licensed therapist, aims to spread the message that therapy is for everyone, not just for people who feel they have something wrong with them. The podcast will include mental-health education from licensed professionals and stories from individuals. Debuts Monday, Oct. 26.

“Health and wellness is one of the most important categories in the medium right now, given the engagement of the listeners and the authenticity of the content,” iHeartPodcast Network president Conal Byrne said in a press release. “Amy is an incredible podcast talent – not just as the host of her own show, but someone who has a great eye for recruiting and developing new podcasts, too – and we want to support that however we can.”

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