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AI-Powered ‘Daily Dad Jokes’ Podcast Moves To iHeartPodcasts.

Podcasters are looking at all sorts of options for using artificial intelligence to help create and produce their shows. Klassic Studios has gone all-in for what is believed to be the first AI-produced show. The three-year old Daily Dad Jokes podcast sources its jokes from the Dad Jokes subreddit on Reddit. The daily podcast is then created and produced into a podcast using Klassic Studios’ proprietary Auto Podcast Technology. It says the AI-powered system produces new content every day, including jokes generated by algorithms that adapt and evolve over time.

The host of the Daily Dad Jokes series also exists only in a virtual sense. Bob Jeffey, the podcast's AI-generated host, is the creation of Graeme Klass, the founder of Klassic Studios and a 30-year technology industry veteran who has been coding since he was 16.

Klassic Studios says Daily Dad Jokes has just joined iHeartPodcasts. “We are excited to explore where this fascinating world of AI will take us and we relish the opportunity to grow not only Daily Dad Jokes with iHeartPodcasts but other AI-produced shows as well,” said Klass in the announcement.

Daily Dad Jokes launched in December 2020 with episodes that are typically five minutes or less. Klass, a husband and father of three children who enjoys making his family groan with his dad jokes. Apparently so do a lot of other dads. Since its debut, the show has surpassed 10 million downloads and consistently ranks in the top Comedy (Stand Up) podcast charts.

A new study published by the British Psychological Society this spring showed dad jokes empower kids to become better adults. “So to all the dads out there who love telling dad jokes to your kids: don’t let their groans, their eye-rolls, or their palpable irritation stop you. You’re partaking in a long and proud tradition, and your embarrassingly awful jokes may even do them some good,” humor researcher Marc Hye-Knudsen said in the study. The report also offered one chestnut: “A duck walks into a pharmacy and says, ‘Give me some lip balm – and put it on my bill’.”

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