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AI-Created Voices Offer New Way To Personalize Podcasts.

Like the podcast’s topic, but find the host’s voice annoying? That may no longer be a potential turn-off thanks to artificial intelligence. Ellipsis Podcasts has introduced a new platform that leverages OpenAI and the latest text-to-speech technology to offer a way for listeners to personalize their listening experience. That includes giving users the ability to choose between two different AI-created hosts – Luna or Leo – to deliver their customized content. The two generated personalities will both have their own distinct style, which Ellipsis Podcasts says will allow listeners to pick the personality that suits their style or mood.

Ellipsis Podcasts says personalized content is the “future of podcasting” and voice is just part of it. The platform also allows users to create their own personalized podcast by selecting a topic, tone, and length that suits their preferences.

To demonstrate what it can do, Ellipsis Podcasts has created a five-part AI-written podcast about the history of artificial intelligence. It does, however, include this warning to listeners: “The content you are about to hear was generated using a machine and may not be 100% accurate. We recommend diving deeper into the topics mentioned here to learn more. Now let's get started.”

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