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Ahead Of Rebrand And National Rollout, Auddia Releases Metrics From Ad Campaign.

Auddia, the developer of a propriety AI platform for audio that creates a commercial-free, subscription-based broadcast option for radio, has released metrics from a two-month advertising campaign for Amaturo Sonoma Media, which in April 2021 signed on to utilize the technology for its stations in its Santa Rosa, CA cluster.

"The addition of Sonoma County stations to the Auddia app in December represented the first time we were able to provide consumers in a local market access to a meaningful number of radio station options," Theo Romeo, Auddia VP of Marketing said in a release. "With this geographic density of stations, we ran a two-month advertising campaign consisting of on-air mentions across Amaturo Sonoma Media radio stations as well as targeted digital campaigns. The objective of the campaign was to evaluate consumer interest in listening to radio in a personalized manner. We are pleased to report that early results produced higher-than-industry-average conversion rates across the funnel, indicating strong early-stage consumer adoption. Digital ads saw a consistent 0.3% click-through conversion rate and a click-to-install rate of 11%, which is nearly 3X over the industry average."

The technology has been rolled out to a handful of partners, including Amaturo Sonoma Media, Lakes Media, Bluewater Broadcasting and RadioAlabama. A national launch and app rebranding are planned for Feb. 15.

"We are very encouraged about the early indicators we are seeing around user adoption and engagement ahead of our launch of over 4,000 radio stations on the platform in February,” CEO Michael Lawless added. “Our messaging resonated well in Sonoma, indicating that people are drawn to an interruption-free radio experience, and we can't wait to see how this accelerates as we take a giant step up in scale next month."

"The new name of the Auddia app will be 'faidr.' The letters 'ai' are an obvious nod to artificial intelligence, and faidr is a direct reference to the crossfader, the toggle DJ's use to fade new songs into the mix,” Romeo explained. “This is indicative of the control we give consumers through our AI. Auddia, the company, is a platform technology company reinventing how listeners consume radio and audio in general. The new name for our radio application emphasizes the hallmark control we give consumers over the radio listening experience while simultaneously acknowledging the role of our proprietary AI in the process."

Auddia, the company previously known as Clip Interactive, has been testing the technology that removes commercials from over-the-air broadcasts to be repurposed as a subscription option for listeners since 2019.

The technology can also be used for podcast creators to provide an interactive digital feed that supports deeper stories and delivers digital revenue to podcasters. The company is working with PodcastOne and Bleav Podcast Network to bring content from the publishers to the Vodacast app.

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