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After A Year Of Lockdowns, Libsyn Data Points To More Mobile Listening.

The latest data from Libsyn continues to point to podcast listeners again taking their shows with them on the go. For a fourth consecutive month the company says more downloads to shows it hosts went to mobile devices. It says 87.8% of all its downloads in May went directly to a mobile device. That was a three percent gain from the 86.5% level reported in April. It is also up from March (86.2%) and February (85.0%).

“I guess this has to do with the world unlocking and people going back to things,” said VP Rob Walsh on the company’s The Feed podcast.

The other side of that shift is a continued decline in desktop downloads. Libsyn says 12% of the downloads of shows it hosts went to desktop computers during May, a decline from 13.2% in April. It is also lower than March (13.5%) or February (14.7%). Downloads to smart speakers and gaming devices were flat at 0.3%.

Among Libsyn-hosted shows, Walch said iOS had 4.5 downloads for each one on an Android device. Apple accounted for six in ten (60.9%) of Libsyn downloads last month versus 13.7% for Spotify.

Overall, 61.4% of downloads to Libsyn-hosted shows were in the U.S. during May. That was down 0.4% from the 61.8% in April. The U.K. was second with a 5.6% share, followed by Canada (5.3%), Australia (3.8%), Germany 2.7%), Sweden (1.8%), Mexico (1.2%), Japan (1.2%) and Spain (1.0%).

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