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Adwanted’s SRDS Academy Aims To Teach How To Buy Media.

Media tech and information company Adwanted USA, best known for longtime media planning and buying tool Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS), wants to send media planners and buyers back to school. It is creating an enhanced online certification course, called SRDS Academy, targeting media professionals and students alike as they look for media training and resume enhancing skills.

The self-paced learning program uses SRDS media planning data with expert instruction and realistic scenarios in media planning and buying to develop media plans in multichannel media including podcasts, broadcast, print, and digital media, as well as a focus on making media plans more aligned with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals. “SRDS Academy is a testament to our dedication to shaping the next generation of advertising professionals and training new market entrants alike,” said Heather Petaccio, CEO of Adwanted USA in the announcement. “The program is designed to empower students and media professionals with practical skills and knowledge to prepare them for success in the dynamic world of media. We are excited to provide future and new, media planners and buyers with practical experience and tools that can apply to real-life situations and their college experiences and courses.”

SRDS Academy includes 10 courses for each media type, including podcast, radio, digital, business publications, broadcast TV, connected TV, consumer magazine, newspaper, out-of-home, and one summary course encompassing all media types. There is also a DEI course. Throughout the course, students and media professionals will learn how to assess and evaluate media properties to determine if they are right for a brand. They will also be trained on how to make purchasing decisions as a media planner, and get training on the important terminology related to media planning and buying. Adwanted USA is charging $150 for the training program.

“SRDS is proud to offer a streamlined and comprehensive learning experience for students and agency professionals,” Petaccio said.

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