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Advertisers Wasted Close To $1 Billion On Digital Ads Without Sound Or Prominent Branding In 2022.

Based on a just-released global assessment of advertising across major digital platforms during 2022, the impact of radio ads is looking pretty good in comparison.

Conducted by creative analytics company CreativeX, the analysis of the creative quality of more than two million paid ads across platforms such as Meta/Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok and Russian social network VK, representing nearly $2 billion of media spend, found that nearly 70% of that spend was on ads that did not meet basic platform standards.

As a result, CreativeX's report says, nearly $1 billion was invested in ads that did not meet basic creative best practices for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Amazon. That translates to approximately 55% of media budgets wasted on under-optimized creative ads during 2022.

Additionally, the study found that 40% of those 2 million posts failed to deliver commercial objectives, with ads not using sound or putting branding front and center experiencing a “significant impact” on effectiveness.

At the same time, the analysis found that marketers producing creative in line with platform best practices tend to see double-digit increases in sales (30%), brand recognition (17%), and impressions per dollar (10%).

“As creative quality starts to increase, media budgets should be shifted towards those creatives that have a high creative quality score and are therefore more likely to cut through,” CreativeX CEO and founder Anastasia Leng tells Campaign US, suggesting that advertisers should focus not on what to cut but rather on “which existing systems didn’t scale in parallel with the rapid growth of digital media.”

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