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AdvertiseCast Says Podcast Ad CPMs Ticked Up A Little In August.

The average CPM rate for a 60-second spot sold by AdvertiseCast in August was $23.57. That is up from the $23.55 rate of a month earlier. According to AdvertiseCast, the typical one-minute ad has a $25 CPM while a 30-second ad typically has an average $18 CPM. The Libsyn-owned company is now releasing monthly updates to bring added transparency to podcast advertising pricing.

“We publish these rates to the buyers and the sellers on our marketplace to provide some transparency around this fast-growing market,” said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at AdvertiseCast. “It is important to note that these figures are not based on pricing arbitrarily set by a sales organization, rather, they are driven by supply and demand within our industry-leading marketplace.”

The company says CPMs have been “relatively stable” throughout 2021 after recovering from a “slight trough” in 2020, which AdvertiseCast blames on lower demand due to the pandemic.

How much a show gets from advertisers depends on how many downloads it receives from listeners. AdvertiseCast says the best CPMs were for shows with between 1,000 and 9,999 listeners per episode. They had an average $25 CPM for a one-minute ad. Shows that had between 10,000 and 99,999 listeners per episode had a $24 CPM. While episodes with more than 100,000 listeners averaged a $22 CPM. The data is derived from actual sales data from 2,006 podcasts in the AdvertiseCast marketplace.

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