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Adobe: The Small-Retailer Categories Where Shoppers Spend The Most.

New analysis by Adobe released to Chain Store Age identifies the top 10 small-retailer categories where U.S. consumers spend the most money.

Those categories include furniture, groceries, automotive repair & maintenance services, fitness services, clothing, pet care products, eco-friendly products, home décor, beverages, and beauty products.

According to Adobe’s findings, consumers spend an average of $128 monthly supporting small businesses. Millennials ($135) and men ($130) spend the most each month.

Adobe also found that baby boomers most frequently support small businesses when it comes to automotive services. Gen X, meanwhile, opts for beauty products while millennials pursue art and Gen Z shops for clothes. Women patronize small retailers for jewelry, men for beverages.

“In good news for small retailers,” writes Chain Store Age, “almost eight in 10 (78%) consumers regularly shop at them. Groceries topped the list for the items purchased most often from small retailers (as opposed to highest spending total), with 65% of consumers saying they do so regularly. Bakery goods (53%) and beverages (41%) rounded out the top-three categories.”

Fifty-one percent of consumers prefer small retailers in physical stores instead of online. But 31% said they elected not to support a small business due to the absence of a website. This figure was 40% for Gen Zers, who are also least likely to prefer shopping at physical retail. Baby boomers, meanwhile, are most likely to prefer brick-and-mortar.

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