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Ad Music Beds That Adjust To What’s Being Listened To? AdsWizz Integration Makes It Possible.

The background music in a streaming music or podcast commercial does not need to be a fixed audio element, thanks to new technology that AdsWizz is bringing to brands and ad agencies. It has inked a deal with AI Music to integrate its music technology into AdsWizz AudioMatic, the company’s programmatic buying platform for streaming audio and podcasts.

The ability to tailor the background audio in a spot in real-time is seen as a way to make a commercial more compelling to listeners. London-based AI Music, which developed the technology, says it has been shown to result in more ad engagement by delivering a more personalized ad experience. It also significantly cuts production time for brands and agencies.

“Pilot campaigns have shown advertisers’ positive results with an average of 95% decrease in production time, five-times greater efficiency compared to standard audio tactics, and 238% higher engagement compared to non-personalized ads,” said Pierre Naggar, Senior VP of Global Demand at AdsWizz.

Dunkin’ has become the first brand to put the tailored music feature to test as it promotes its coffee and baked goods. That may mean a listener hears a different background track in its spot on the way to work as compared to on the drive home, or depending on whether they’re rocking out to a metal streaming music channel or catching up on the world with The Daily podcast.

“Leveraging the AI ad product gives listeners a seamless, personalized ad experience,” said Dunkin’ VP of Media Keith Lusby. He said they will use the campaign to promote its line of espresso drinks and new non-dairy drink offerings.

Under the terms of the agreement, AdsWizz AudioMatic is the only ad buying platform that can take advantage of AI Music’s Sympaphonic Ads technology for digital audio advertising. AI Music CEO Siavash Mahdavi called AdsWizz “the ideal partner” to bring their technology to market.

“We believe that this will enable brands and agencies to more closely engage with their audience, as they can create audio ads at scale that are less disruptive for listeners,” said Mahdavi.

The solution is available today in beta for ad agencies and trading desks globally that use the AdsWizz AudioMatic programmatic buying platform as well as for audio and podcast publishers that use AdsWizz AudioServe Campaign Manager.

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