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Acast Contest Aims To Bring More Small Businesses To Podcast Advertising.

Acast has run programs to help small podcasters gain a foothold in the business, now its latest contest is geared towards small businesses in a move to help drum up interest in its self-serve ad platform. Launching today, the Pod Power-Up campaign will give a small business in the U.S. a chance to win a fully paid-for podcast advertising campaign worth over $10,000 using the platform.

As part of the contest, small businesses will need to fill out an application detailing their business and what makes them unique – as well as what they would be promoting if they won the prize. A panel of experts from Acast will select one business to have their ad creative produced, and awarded $10,000 in ad spend to be used on Acast’s self-serve platform and in doing so reaching across Acast’s network of over 100,000 shows.

“We too were a small independent business with a big idea. And we know a great idea needs support –whether that's to drive innovation, support local communities, or just give consumers more choice. Pod Power-up is putting small businesses in the spotlight and giving them the chance to experience the sheer effectiveness of podcast advertising,” said Patrick Butkus, Global Vice President of Marketing at Acast. “We’re already seeing smaller brands get big results using our self-serve ad platform, and we want to give even more diverse businesses across the U.S. access to those kinds of benefits too.”

Acast launched its self-service platform in November as a way to go after the scores of small businesses that may be on the sidelines but are considering jumping into podcast advertising. It will enable a marketer to place a podcast ad buy for as little as $250. For advertisers that use the self-serve advertising platform, Acast’s algorithm will determine the optimal ad placement based on metrics such as geographic location, podcast category, audience demographics, language spoken and listener device. Last month, Acast announced it had integrated Nielsen Audience Segments data into the platform.

In addition to promoting its own product, Acast says its Pod Power-Up contest aims to highlight the effectiveness of podcast advertising for brands of all sizes, and why podcasts are a must-have channel for small businesses to make a big impact.

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