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A Week Of Changes Among Radio’s Top Advertisers.

Radio’s top three national advertisers during the final week of July remained unchanged with Upside, Progressive and Indeed ranked first, second and third, respectively. But beyond that there were some big upsets within the top 100 spot volume dealers. Swiffer, the Procter & Gamble line of cleaning and household products, jumped to No. 4 with 49,660 spots. That’s up from No. 17 the week before and marks Swiffer’s highest position ever on the weekly list, after ranking No. 32 for the first six months of 2022.

Wendy’s logged another week as radio’s top fast-food chain with 34,756 occurrences, rising to No. 8 from No. 22 with 34,756 detections. That’s nearly 13,000 more placements than perennial top fast feeder McDonald’s, which ran 21,845 ads and ranked No. 21 among a total of seven quick serve restaurant advertisers in the top 100.

Outside the top ten, online retailer continued its slow, steady march to No. 22 with 20,674 placements. While that’s not a big jump from the week prior (No. 25 with 19,750 spot occurrences), consider that parent company Amazon ranked No. 41 for the first half of 2022 with most of that coming from its online recruitment business. That puts Amazon in striking distance of rival online retailer eBay, which ran 22,577 ads during the reporting week to rank No. 19.

In a week of upsets, Kohl’s registered another week as radio’s top department store advertiser, with 34,287 spots to rank ninth, outgunning JC Penney (No. 24; 20,253 occurrences) and Macy’s (No. 25, 19,781).

For the week of July 25-31, 2022, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally were Upside at 1, Progressive at 2, Indeed at 3, Swiffer at 4, ZipRecruiter at 5, iHeartRadio Music Festival at 6, iHeartRadio at 7, Wendy’s at 8, Kohl’s at 9, and the “Facing Evil” podcast at 10.

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