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Women Podcasters Flex Their Muscle When It Comes To Connecting With Female Podcast Listeners.

Joe Rogan may seem like the ultimate bro podcast. And while it is true he is not the top-ranked show among women according to Edison Research, Rogan ranks second, showing his appeal cuts across gender. What is on top is the true crime series Crime Junkie, hosted by Ashley Flowers with Brit Prawat. Edison says quarter after quarter in its podcast rankings, more women responding to its survey say they have listened to Crime Junkie than any other show. And another true crime series, Dateline NBC, ranks third. The list also shows the true crime genre accounts for four of the top 10 podcasts among U.S. women, with three of those podcasts having women hosts. 

Edison’s most recent Infinite Dial report shows 27% of women in the U.S. age 12+ have listened to a podcast in the last week. And among female listeners, shows hosted by women have stronger appeal. Edison says five of the top 10 podcasts among women are hosted by women, including Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper, Morbid with Alaina Urquhart and Ash Kelley, My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, and The Daily with Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. It also points out that Dateline NBC correspondent Andrea Canning is part of the team that hosts NBC News’ true crime series. 

Arguably the most powerful woman in show business today – Taylor Swift – is also credited with the appearance of a sports podcast hosted by a couple of men. Edison says while New Heights would seem out of place at first glance on the ranking, the data shows how the “Taylor Swift effect” caused a massive increase in listeners and a shift to a female demographic. 

“This is a prime example of how women can significantly shape the trajectory of podcasts, even in male-dominated genres like sports,” Edison says.

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