WideOrbit Integrates With Rubicon Project To Increase Access To Audio Supply Inventory.

How do you make audio advertising grow? Put it where ad buyers are doing their shopping, naturally. And that’s what is behind the latest move by WideOrbit. It is integrating its digital audio and podcast advertising marketplace into the Rubicon Project’s exchange. The companies say the move will expose the inventory already in WideOrbit’s marketplace to new demand. That will not only help drive up rates, but also make audio advertising more appealing to marketers looking to fine-tune their buys toward distinct population segments.

“Our integration gives Rubicon Project buyers access to virtually every impression that’s available across the 1,500 broadcast radio and pure-play stations using our streaming product, as well as to a host of premium content producers who have turned to us to help them deliver and monetize their podcasts,” said WideOrbit VP John Morris.

The integration will also allow WideOrbit to package inventory from smaller publishers who alone are unable to transact at any scale on the programmatic stage. By creating run-of-network packages consisting of inventory from multiple publishers, bundled based on geo, device type or audience segment, it says smaller publishers will be exposed to programmatic buyers, many for the first time.

The programmatic buying exchange will connect Rubicon Project buyers to audio inventory through the WideOrbit Programmatic Digital Audio stack. There it will be included alongside demand-side platforms (or DSPs) and sell-side platforms (or SSPs) already integrated with WideOrbit. The net effect is an exposing new inventory to Rubicon Project buyers.

Through this single connection with WideOrbit and the variety of Sellers who manage their inventory on their platform, we can now bring scaled audio buying opportunities to our partners,” said Nina Harvey, Senior Director of Audio at Rubicon Project. She said it will have benefits for both the buy and sell sides of the exchange. “WideOrbit’s marketplace allows buyers access to broadcast radio and podcast inventory, and also provides access to demand for smaller publishers who may have been unable to transact on a programmatic exchange until now,” said Harvey.

Audio has been a growth segment for Rubicon Project. During a conference call with investors last month, CFO David Day credited the “continued strength” in audio advertising for helping the company post a 12% year-over-year revenue increase during the first quarter.

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