Why So Many New Podcasts? There Are 40 Million New Audio Creators.

It is a good time to be in the microphone business. While radio stations and recording studios used to be their biggest customers, equipment makers are benefiting from the democratization of audio. The mic maker Shure teamed up with the research firm Furturesource and reports that two in five people across the world now consider themselves to be content creators. That includes more than 40 million people worldwide specifically identifying as audio content creators.

The pandemic and its lockdown may have helped. Based on Futuresource's data, nearly two-thirds of content creators (65%) expect the time they spend on their work to increase over the next 12 months. More than half (59%) of those same individuals are already spending more than three hours a week crafting content.

These new content creators are also opening their wallets. They reported spending more than 75% more money on their passion projects in 2020 compared to 2019. That includes nearly half (45%) of creators who said they have invested in new equipment to improve their audio over the last year.

The study also found that creatives are bringing their passions to life through all types and styles of content. The 40 million audio content creators are making lots of podcasts to be sure. But Futuresource said they also are making music, DJ'ing, beat-making, crafting social content and videos, and streaming their video gameplay.

Niles, IL-based Shure has looked to capitalize on more podcast creators with the release of its MV7X Podcast Microphone ($179) and its companion MV7 Podcast Kit ($269) that is an all-in-one solution with added equipment like cables and a mini-tripod.

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