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Who Is Having The Biggest Sway With Podcast Listeners? Great Pods Analysis Offers A Clue.

Nearly six in ten podcast review readers come from the United States. However, a Great Pods analysis shows what they are reading typically hails from the other side of the Atlantic. CEO Imran Ahmed examined which critics on Great Pods motivated the most readers to click-through and read their full review of a show. The winner is Times U.K. writer James Marriot, whose reviews moved 10.7% of Great Pods readers to click-through to read the entire story about a show. The U.S.-based The Spectator was the top-performing American publication with British-born writer Freddy Gray’s articles achieving a four percent click-through rate.

“U.S. publications really need to pick up the pace,” Ahmed writes in a blog post. “The majority of those click-throughs came week after week with the polarizing Meghan Markle podcast, Archetypes.”

Here are the top 12 podcast reviewer click-throughs per Great Pods:

  1. James Marriot - Times UK 10.7%

  2. Hilary Rose - Times UK 10.2%

  3. Hollie Richardson - The Guardian 9.57%

  4. Miranda Sawyer - The Guardian 5.65%

  5. Ximena Smith - Stuff.NZ 4.49%

  6. Kara Kennedy - The Spectator 4.33%

  7. Patricia Nicol - Times UK 4.29%

  8. Freddy Gray - The Spectator 4.03%

  9. Joe Pompeo - Vanity Fair 3.23%

  10. Nicholas Quah - Vulture 2.91%

  11. Dristi Sharma - DailyO 2.79%

  12. Olivia Petter - 2.40%

Great Pods says 57% of its review click-throughs came from U.S. site visitors, followed by 14% from U.K. visitors. Canada (7%), Australia (5%) and Ireland (2%) rounded out the top five.

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