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Webinar Highlights Examples Of How Radio Delivers For Retail.

Case studies of how retail advertisers moved from television or print to find greater success with radio were featured in RAB's latest webinar, “Radio Works for Retail/Seasonal Buying.” Both examples presented outlined the strategy taken by each account executive, how commercials were created and the results of each campaign, including commentary from the advertisers themselves.

“I'm passionate about clearing up misconceptions about radio because there are a lot of them,” says Cumulus Media Lake Charles, LA Senior Account Executive Scott Davis, speaking during RAB's webinar about his work with local retailer C&C Home Appliances which took them from sixth in consumer mindshare to a tie for first with big box chain Conn's HomePlus. “I believe with radio we have the power to help businesses succeed and compete against the Goliaths in their industry.”

Outlining his strategy for working with C&C owner Larry Wright, who for years had been buying and dominating television, Davis stresses the importance of the client needs analysis. “One of my favorite questions to ask is, are there any misconceptions about your business?” For C&C, the overriding issue was consumer perception that its prices were higher than larger stores such as Conn's or Walmart, which became the focus of the store's first radio spot featuring recorded comments Wright made during the meeting. “That style of commercial helps cut through the clutter,” Davis says. “It's unscripted, so it sounds sincere.”

For high-end home décor retailer White House Home Design, which had moved from Manhattan to Long Island before the pandemic, Connoisseur Media General Sales Manager Janine Johns, who also presented during the webinar, took a similar strategy, letting owner Joseph DeVito record his own commercials after a successful guest spot on the Sunday public affairs show “Island Outlook,” airing on all five stations in Connoisseur's Long Island cluster. “During COVID, people were looking for things to do with their homes, so I thought it would be clever to have him as a guest,” Johns says. “That day, he got a call from someone who wanted a kitchen job done.”

Sales at White House, which Johns discovered from a local newspaper ad, have increased 35% during the first half of 2021, powered not only by DeVito's commercials but also Connoisseur-produced videos airing on social media. “Of everything I've tried, radio reaches so many different people on a level I couldn't have imagined,” DeVito, whose radio spots have been airing since March, says. “We've been able to produce quality messages that people are drawn to and respond to.”

During RAB's webinar, both execs offered advice for duplicating their success stories. “Really listen to your clients and take it slow,” Johns says. “It [started with] a conversation, we built trust between each other and it went from there. I wasn't just asking for money.” Davis adds, “If you're going to have success, it's going to be [with] consistency, frequency, reach and a compelling message that speaks to what the big issue is.” C&C's Wright agrees. “We've been very pleased with the results. Don't be afraid to give radio a shot.”

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