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iHeart Turns Up The Heat With New ‘Sex Positive’ Podcast.

The titillating, tender and taboo – nothing will be off-limits in a new “sex positive” podcast released this week by iHeart. It is hosted by a founding member of New York’s premiere sex-positive intentional community, Hacienda Villa, Lila Donnolo. Donnolo has made a commitment to a 46-episode first season of a series called Positively Sex! with Lila. In the podcast, iHeart says Donnolo will not however commit to a single style, instead she will use a “multitude of episode formats” including editorialized segments, “on-the-street” style interviews, intimate one-on-one conversations, kiss-and-tell storytelling, and talk show-esque roundtables, among others. Throughout the series, guests will include pro-Dommes, therapists, doctors, kink masters, sex coaches, non-monogamous people, and folx on the street with opinions (and hopefully explanations for what those are). What will remain a constant will be the podcast’s mission to help listeners enjoy “a more pleasurable life” with what iHeart says will be weekly discussions about fantasies and desires, pleasures and fetishes, relationships and casual sex, alongside practical, and actionable techniques. “As a society, we’ve become aware — more than ever before — of just how much we need intimacy in order to thrive,” said Donnolo. “Most of us were indoctrinated with sexual shame, and this shame is detrimental to all aspects of our lives. The world needs sex-positivity. That’s why I’m so incredibly delighted to have iHeartRadio in my corner. iHeartRadio has given me, and sex-positivity, a global megaphone, and, to paraphrase my psychiatrist friend, I’m so excited for the world to get to hear these perspectives.” Positively Sex! with Lila is distributed by iHeartPodcast Network. New episodes post each Thursday.

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