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Veritonic Ups Investment In Big Data For Audio Ad Attribution.

Audio analytics and research firm Veritonic said today that it has increased its investment in cutting-edge big data technology to address industry demands for better audio advertising attribution. By increasing its investment in robust data tech stacks, Veritonic says it is able to facilitate campaigns of all scales, and expand ad measurement capabilities.

Veritonic is an audio research company that provides advertisers, agencies, and audio companies tools to research, test, and measure return on investment for audio ads and audio logos at various stages of a campaign. It is among the most vocal advocates for more rigorous testing of audio ad creative so that brands can achieve greater ROI for their audio investments.

The ad analytics company say its latest innovations and enhancements are bringing new flexibility and granularity for advertisers and brands.

Among them are conversion event logs that allow clients to see conversion events and associated impressions throughout a campaign. This allows clients to model and analyze various attribution methodologies, assess the impact on conversion rates, identify actionable impressions, uncover geotargeting opportunities, evaluate IP distribution, and analyze listener overlap among different campaigns.

“As data providers, we take great pride and responsibility in ensuring that our audio measurement methodology is sound, understood, and designed in a way that enables us to continuously adapt to the needs of our clients and the demands of the advertising industry at large,” CEO Scott Simonelli said in the announcement. “We remain committed to innovating our audio-first solutions to make measuring and optimizing audio campaigns as streamlined, efficient, and flexible as possible.”

Veritonic says its Brand Lift studies help advertisers understand how audio contributes to achieving their goals in terms of emotional resonance, awareness, favorability, intent, and recall. It says its tools validate an advertiser’s investments, help mitigate risks and enhance the performance and ROI of audio across streaming audio and podcast advertising.

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