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Veritonic Adds Mobile Conversions Data From AppsFlyer To Its Analytics Platform.

Audio analytics and research firm Veritonic is out with a new study that finds businesses shouldn’t be casual about what their customers are listening to when they’re on hold.

According to “Harmonizing Connections: How Audio Turns Waiting Time Into Brand Building Opportunities,” 68% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase from a brand or company that’s thoughtful about their hold music or audio. In addition, 46% say it’s important for hold music to be “on brand” with the company or service they’re calling about.

If you run a business and can’t decide what your customers should be listening to when they’re on hold, the answer is clear: music. More than nine in 10 consumers surveyed for the report said they’d prefer music over talking, as well as music over silence.

And if given a choice between an ad that contains talking or silence, 57% would choose talking. Meanwhile, 49% say a meditation track is more relaxing than music or an ad that contains talking while on hold.

Among other findings: 82% say they’re willing to hold for longer periods of time if they find the hold music enjoyable, or if it features and artist or genre they enjoy; 70% say they’re less likely to fixate on how long they’ve been waiting if they like the musical artist or genre; 73% said that if the hold music is made of up of “hit” Top 50 songs, the wait time is more enjoyable; and 86% said they’d prefer the song they’re listening to be one they recognize.

When a consumer is calling with a complaint, 87% prefer to hear music while waiting as opposed to silence. But that music shouldn’t be too loud: 70% say music that’s too loud negatively impacts how they feel about the brand.

Veritonic advises companies with a customer support line not to waste a chance to engage audiences when they’re on hold — and that the audio that’s employed should be aligned with an audience’s expectations and desires.

“By experimenting with various audio elements including music, ads and meditative audio tracks,” the report says, “you can ensure that you are providing your audiences with an enjoyable experience, even when waiting to interact with your brand and representatives.”

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