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Twitter Takes Another Step Forward To Integrating Podcasts Onto Its App.

Twitter is continuing to roll out podcasts across its app. The company has announced that Twitter Blue members on Apple iOS devices are getting early access to try the redesigned Twitter Spaces tab. It includes podcasts, themed audio stations, and live and recorded Spaces. It says Android is “coming soon.”

Twitter said last month it will integrate podcasts onto its app as a part of its newly redesigned Spaces Tab. The company said the beta test will be visible to “a group” of users in the English-speaking world in the U.S. and beyond, and on both iOS and Android devices. The company said integrating podcasts into Spaces is a natural fit, since that is where audio conversations are already happening on Twitter.

The redesigned Spaces sports personalized hubs that group audio content together by specific themes like News, Music, and Sports. Twitter says listeners will also be able to access live and recorded audio on Spaces as well as a selection of podcasts from around the world pulled in through public RSS feeds. Which podcasts they see will depend in part on what content they interact with on Twitter.

Twitter’s internal research shows that 45% of people who use Twitter in the U.S. also listen to podcasts monthly.

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