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TV Talk Host Kelly Ripa Takes Her Off-Camera Conversations With Celebrities To Podcast.

With hours of live television each week, it would be easy to think that Kelly Ripa gets plenty of opportunity to speak her mind. But the constraints of a syndicated television show like “Live with Kelly & Ryan” have left her with lots more to say and she will do that on a podcast. Ripa is launching the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast in March.

Promising “raw conversations” between the actress-turned-talk host and a celebrity guest where they will take a deep dive into a variety of personal and meaningful topics. Depending on the subject matter, a specialist or expert could also join the episode to provide helpful insights. Each episode will be “unfiltered and uncensored” according to SiriusXM, which is working with Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos’s Milojo Productions on the series.

“After 23 years of interviewing celebrities, authors, musicians and experts on live TV, the big takeaway is that the most compelling and unfiltered conversations happen off camera," said Ripa in a statement. "I have dreamed of a platform where I can have these honest talks without all the fuss and filter of a camera. Now SiriusXM has made my dream a reality with a podcast featuring friends, both old and new, discussing a variety of topics we all face in life, while getting deep with some experts’ views and advice along the way.”

Beginning in March 2023, new episodes of Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa are expected to be available every week. The agreement gives SXM Media, the combined advertising sales group from Sirius XM Holdings, exclusive global ad sales rights for the show.

“Kelly Ripa has been an indelible part of television for decades," said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM's President and Chief Content Officer. "We're excited to launch this series so that audiences can hear a whole new side of her incredible talent, humor, and perspective."

Let’s Talk Off Camera will be executive produced by Ripa, Consuelos and Albert Bianchini. Jan Schillay will serve as supervising producer, and Michael Halpern and Devon Schneider will act as producers for Milojo. Additional production support is provided by PRX.

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