Turnaround For Eye Care Practitioners Could Be Opportunity For Radio.

Late with your annual visit to the eye doctor? Newly released eye care industry data shows consumer concern about the coronavirus easing and eyewear purchase behavior changing. Because of similarities in their target - this might be an opportunity for local radio.

New key data points released this week show both consumer and eye care practitioner sentiment rebounding from the low points of late March and most of April. The data show the “signs of the beginning of a sustained turnaround,” according to The Vision Council, which said these signs are “visible in levels of consumer concern (about the coronavirus) and eyewear purchase behavior.

The new data shows the percentage of consumers either “highly or extremely” concerned about COVID-19 dropped from a high of 71 percent in April to 57 percent for the week of May 4. Additionally, the percentage of consumers reporting that they will postpone or cancel eyewear purchases has been declining at a slightly more accelerated rate over the past three weeks and dropped to 25 percent of respondents for the week of May 4.

Also, according to The Vision Council Survey for the week of May 4, the highest percentage of eye care practitioners reported being open to the public since the beginning of March.

Radio could be just the medium to reach these potential eyewear purchasers in the coming months. According to Radio Advertising Bureau’s (RAB) Consumer Insights report, 56.6 percent of 18-54 year olds wear prescription glasses and 79.8 percent wear contact lenses.

Nielsen reports radio reaching 97 percent of the Gen X (35-54 year olds) population with 80.5 million Gen Xers tuning in to radio monthly. Meanwhile, according to Nielsen, radio reaches 95 percent of Millennials (18-34 year olds) monthly with 71.6 million Millennials tuning in to radio each month.

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