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‘Truer Crime’ Becomes Part Of Tenderfoot TV Show Roster.

The critically acclaimed true crime podcast Truer Crime has been acquired by Tenderfoot TV. Beginning today, series creator and host Celisia Stanton will return for a three-episode prequel series in advance of season two slated for release in spring 2024. Additional projects between Stanton and Tenderfoot TV are in the works.

The prequel episodes will cover three cases. The first is the story of Mindy Dodd, who was the subject of a 2015 episode of the true-crime series, Snapped: Women Who Murder. A classic story of a housewife who, pushed too far, arranged to have her husband murdered. But in the new episode, Stanton will re-examine that simple narrative through interviews with Dodd herself.

Truer Crime will also look into the case of Tamla Horsford, who was found dead in the autumn of 2018, in the once all-white Forsyth County, GA. Stanton will unpack the history of Forsyth alongside the life and eventual death of Horsford, examining what happens when a Black woman and a county with a racist past collide.

And Truer Crime will look at the case of Sam Mandez, a man who’s spent more than half his life in solitary confinement for a crime committed at just 14-years-old. Stanton will dive into Mandez’s story, beginning where a lot of other true crime stories end – in prison.

Stanton’s moving Truer Crime to Tenderfoot TV is an expansion of her relationship with the studio. In October, Stanton hosted The Vanishing Point, a spinoff of Tenderfoot TV’s tentpole series Up and Vanished.

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