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‘True Crime Reporter’ Podcast Brings One Of Its Stories To TV.

Robert Riggs, the host of the indie True Crime Reporter podcast, is making the jump to television. Fox News has recruited Riggs to host a five-episode docuseries focusing on one of the stories he featured on his podcast and for which the show received a 2021 Webby Award for true crime.

Over the course of five episodes, the TV series titled “Freed to Kill” will explore the harrowing acts of serial killer Kenneth McDuff known as “The Broomstick Killer,” suspected of at least 14 murders. Based in Central Texas, the violent killer was released on parole due to overcrowding in Texas prisons and the suspension of the death penalty.

Upon his release, McDuff made no attempt to show he had reformed and continued his violent streak and was suspected of committing several other crimes before fleeing the state. After being profiled by “America’s Most Wanted,” McDuff was caught and convicted yet again of murder and sentenced to death. McDuff died by lethal injection in 1998. Following his arrests, Texas began an overhaul to ensure that no other criminals like him were able to get out on parole.

“Kenneth Allen McDuff is one of the worst serial killers in the United States, and most people have never heard of him. I brought together all of the retired investors; I brought together the victims families, to tell the full story of what this man did,” Riggs told KDFW-TV Dallas.

The Riggs-fronted and executive produced television series has been released on Fox Nation, the streaming service sister to Fox News Channel. It was produced with Big Media. Watch a trailer HERE.

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