Triton Digital: September Streaming Increases For Beasley, Audacy, EMF, Salem And Hubbard.

With work and school routines back on schedule, radio streaming sessions continue to rebound from the usual summer slowdown. Beasley Broadcasting Corporate, which saw a 5% lift in August, is up 8% month-over-month with 27,047 Average Active Sessions (AAS) in September, according to Triton Digital’s Streaming Metrics Monthly Ranker.

Also posting month-over-month increases in AAS are Audacy, which is up 5% (85,882-90,562); EMF with a 2% increase to 36,477 AAS in September; Salem Communications, which rises 1.8% (13,003-13,247); and Hubbard Broadcasting, which finishes September with 21,449 AAS, an increase of 1%.

The Top 10 Rankers remain the same, with iHeartRadio far out front and relatively flat month-over-month with 390,838 AAS for September. NPR Member Stations saw a minimal decrease in AAS, moving 99,885-99,583. Audacy is third, followed by Cumulus Streaming Network (61,594-61,718) and EMF rounding out the Top 5.

Univision is down 1.4% month-over-month with 27.047 AAS in September, followed by Beasley, Hubbard, AccuRadio, which is down 2% (15,377-14,965), and Salem.

The iHeartMedia Network, which includes all iHeartMedia-owned streams and the streams related to network affiliations, is the only sales network reported by Triton Digital. The network moves 1,112,429-1,118,003 AAS, a 0.5% increase from August.

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