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Top 15 Brands Spent $68 Million On Podcast Ads Last Month, Says MediaRadar.

The top 15 advertisers on podcasting spent a combined $68 million in October according to MediaRadar data released by Veritonic in a report featuring several year-end insights into the audio business. MediaRadar says the online mental health brand BetterHelp was the biggest advertiser last month, spending an estimated $20.42 million with ads heard on more than 2,600 episodes. SimpliSafe was a distant second with $7.44 million in spending, followed by Geico ($7 million), Squarespace ($5.77 million) and ZipRecruiter ($5.66 million).

The reason millions of dollars are flowing into podcasting, according to the Veritonic report, is that the media channel is growing – it points to Edison Research data showing more than 200 million people listen to podcasts each week. It is also becoming more measurable, as a growing list of research projects demonstrate why podcast ads should be attractive to marketers.

Dentsu’s Podcast Attention Study found that audio ads are 128% stronger than television ads when it comes to attentiveness scores. And a Spotify study showed that audio ads are more than twice as likely to lift purchase intent and information intent than display ads. “This and more are contributors to the continued growth of digital audio,” the report says.

Veritonic also notes that podcasting is connecting with listeners. A study that iHeartMedia and Publicis Media released showed 74% of heavy podcast listeners say that podcasts “motivate and inspire” them, and 79% say podcasts educate them.

Download the full report HERE.

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