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TikTok Stars May Help Make Podcasting More Enticing To Older Listeners.

The creation of more podcasts by and for women and minorities is credited with bringing new listeners to podcasting, closing a gender and racial divide in the medium. The same could be true to attract older Americans who still lag younger demos for podcast listening. Edison Research says 52% of adults aged 55 and older listen to podcasts on a monthly basis compared to 81% for adults 35 to 54 and 87% of 12 to 34 year olds.

A group of seniors that have become unlikely TikTok stars are doing their part to help the podcast cause. They have launched The Retirement House Podcast which is an extension of the popular TikTok account created by 20-somethings Adi Azran and Brandon Chase in September of 2021. Since its launch, The Retirement House has amassed nearly 5 million followers on TikTok and more than 500 million views across platforms, making the channel’s six hosts - Gaylynn Baker (Mabel), Reatha Grey (Rose), Patti Yulish (Bubbe), Chuck Lacey (Eugene), Jerry Boyd (Curtis), and Monterey Morrissey (Larry) - viral sensations around the world.

Season one of the podcast explores the unique relationship between the senior hosts and their younger celebrity guests. The six quirky hosts, whose ages range from 71 to 85, share organic conversations, personal experiences and ask a handful of questions to educate themselves on today's trends, slang and cultural moments.

“This podcast is an opportunity for celebrities to sit with the Retirement House cast, who are incredibly warm and disarming and show their very human side,” said co-producer Brandon Chase. “Each of our hosts has attained that kind of hard earned wisdom that comes with age, they each have a unique story to tell, and our podcast is going to show Retirement House fans a whole new side of their personalities.”

The first episode of The Retirement House Podcast features multi-platinum-selling rapper Lil Pump, who discusses his music career, finding success at a young age, and his $3 million wardrobe.

“We are so excited to launch The Retirement House Podcast and expand our cast’s influence beyond the boundaries of TikTok,” said co-producer Adi Azran. “Our vision is to show the world you’re never too old to follow your dreams. Who better to talk about the past, present and the future than people who have lived through it all.”

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