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‘The Trojan Horse Affair’ Tops Podtrac List Of Biggest New Shows Of 2022.

Podtrac says The Trojan Horse Affair had the most successful launch of 2022 with the New York Times-produced show having the most downloads for any show among the publishers it measures. Created by the Serial Productions team, The Trojan Horse Affair debuted last February and it told the story of a mysterious letter detailing a supposed Islamist plot to take over schools which shocked Britain in 2014 and a subsequent investigation into who wrote the letters.

NBC News-produced Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra was the second biggest new show of 2022 according to Podtrac, followed by Wondery’s Twin Flames, iHeartPodcasts’ Betrayal, and The Seduction, a series created by the Dateline team at NBC News.

Podtrac’s ranking of top new shows for 2022 is based on average downloads per episode for shows that were published for the first time between December 1, 2021 and November 31, 2022.

See the full list HERE.

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