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The Professional Homegirl Podcast Joins Black Effect.

The Black Effect Podcast Network has added The Professional Homegirl Podcast to its portfolio in a move to expand its reach among African American women. The series interviews women anonymously who have survived addictions, overcame generational curses, and a multitude of life lessons. Its creators say the podcast aims to show the full range of women of color living full lives that they have worked to have.

“Since 2019, my mission has been to amplify the voices of women of color. I wanted to normalize conversations within my community to humanize women, especially Black women, that took roads less traveled,” said Host Eboné Almon. “Through this new partnership with The Black Effect Podcast Network, I hope to tell more compelling stories and create a space where women of color don’t have to look far to see themselves.”

The Professional Homegirl Podcast will join The Black Effect Podcast Network beginning March 21. New episodes will launch every Tuesday.

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