The Podcast Academy Unveils ‘The Ambies’ Awards; Event Slated For Next March In L.A.

The Podcast Academy, the industry effort to raise awareness of podcasting, has seen an awards show as part of its strategy since the organization came together last spring. More details about that plan have been released. What is being called The Ambies is slated to take place next March 28 in Los Angeles. The name of the awards is a reference to ambient sound, an audio tool that is frequently deployed in the production of podcasts.

For the initial debut of The Ambies, there will be a total of 23 categories — and a Governor’s Award granted to an especially talented individual, company or podcast whose specific accomplishments The Podcast Academy wants to highlight. “This crucial award recognizes the highest-quality content and production values and will serve as a hallmark for excellence in podcasting,” it said in the announcement.

There are 16 show awards such as Best Documentary Podcast; Best Interview Podcast; Comedy; News; Sports; True Crime, and Business, among others. The remaining seven categories are called Talent Awards — which will recognize contributing elements of shows. The talent awards include Best Podcast Host; Best Reporting; Best Scriptwriting, Fiction; Best Scriptwriting, Non-Fiction, and Best Original Score & Music Supervision, among others.

Nominations for The Ambies will be accepted from October 19 to December 15. The Academy will then release a list of nominations for voting by members of The Podcast Academy. Production companies, individual producers/creators, and distributors of a podcast series that published at least three episodes during 2020 are eligible for consideration.

“This is an opportunity to recognize our peers and particularly those who have excelled at the top of their game,” said Michele Cobb, Executive Director of The Podcast Academy. While there are certainly other awards for podcasters, including the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards, the Academy of Podcasters’ Podcasting Hall of Fame, and the Webbys, organizers hope The Podcast Academy’s still-unnamed awards show will be something the industry can rally around.

Since opening for members in June, more than 500 podcasters have joined The Podcast Academy.

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