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TD Bank's New Sonic Identity Aims To 'Develop An Emotional Connection' With Customers.

While sonic logos – those three-to-six-note musical stabs that have become a key part of advertising across all media – have proven effective when it comes to brand recognition, TD Bank is taking this to another level, outside of just its radio and TV spots. With its rollout of a new sonic identity, TD Bank aims to connect all customer experiences with sound by incorporating the music into digital and physical locations – including ATMs, hold music at call centers and consumer support lines, and overhead music at bank branches.

The goal is to create a consistent experience with consumers by using sound, however they interact with the brand.

“One of the main goals for our sonic identity is to be highly recognized and associated with the TD brand in the same way as, for example, the logos of Intel, Netflix and McDonald’s are recognized with their brands,” TD's Senior Group Manager, Global Brand Management Nathan Strawn tells Martech. “That means we want to cut through the noise and be memorable [and] develop an emotional, authentic connection with our customers, because they are the center of everything we do.”

Working with sonic branding agency Sixième Son, TD's goal was to create a brand melody and sonic logo that would be both optimistic and catchy. “Creating a sonic experience for customers lets brands enhance all of their communications with more precision, subtlety, and consistency, while strategically addressing particular communication angles,” Sixième Son President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Boumendil says. “It is the ultimate tool for generating brand momentum.”

With the help of audio measurement and software company Veritonic, TD Bank has monitored emotional engagement against brand values, and plans to conduct ongoing research and testing to measure and help achieve goals of consistency and awareness. “Having a close ear to the ground is important to understand the impact of our sonic identity and its impact on our customers,” Strawn says. “This means continuously looking at ways to gather feedback, to incorporate the sonic identity in our touchpoints and to do so with consistency.”

Among TD Bank's goals with its sonic reboot are “to see a lift in brand recall, recognition, attribution and awareness. The sonic identity reflects our brand values so that even when our brand can’t be seen, we can still be heard.”

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