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Survey: Voters Expect To Hear Political Ads On Radio During Pandemic.

Two-thirds of registered voters say they expect to hear political ads on the radio during COVID-19 (66%), according to a national survey fielded from April 16-20 by iHeartMedia. And 64% believe political ads should reference a candidate's position or plans related to COVID-19. In addition, 59% said they’re more likely to vote for a political candidate who communicates their position or plans related to COVID-19. Underscoring the voter appetite for information about how candidates intend to address the crisis, nearly 8 out of 10 respondents (77%) say political candidates should communicate with voters using political ads at least weekly during COVID-19 and one third (32%) say at least daily. An overwhelming majority of respondents (85%) said they “definitely will vote” in the 2020 Presidential election and 13% said they “probably will.” More than half (52%) of registered voters surveyed say political advertising has some influence on their decision to vote for a candidate – 38% said it’s somewhat influential and 14% indicated very influential. Significantly, six in 10 respondents (59%) said political advertising helps inform them about candidates. In other findings, more than 5 in 10 registered voters agree political advertising has strengthened their support for a political candidate (56%) and helps inform them about policy issues (55%). And 54% said political advertising has influenced discussion with family, friends or colleagues about candidates or issues. The survey was conducted by iHeartMedia using sample provided by Qaultrics. Fielded April 16-20, it included a nationally representative sample of 443 registered voters or citizens who plan to register by Election Day.

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