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Survey: Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ads On Radio Increase Awareness And Brand Consideration.

Love was on the air. Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, a Katz Radio Group analysis of ads for jewelry on radio and TV revealed that 70% of jewelry retailers who ran ads were doing so on broadcast radio, with 59% focused only on radio. The analysis examined commercials that ran from Jan. 1-Feb. 1.

Now that the lover's holiday has passed, a post-campaign study shows that radio proved to be an ideal platform for jewelry retailers to reach receptive and responsive consumers with Valentine's Day-timed messaging.

Katz conducted studies around two radio campaigns for different jewelry retailers running in key markets during the weeks before Valentine's Day. The radio ads positively impacted awareness of the two retailers and the likelihood of consumers shopping there. Aided brand awareness increased by an average of 25% among those who heard the campaigns, and brand consideration grew by an average of 38%.

“It should be no surprise that radio advertising helped improve brand metrics for both retailers,” a post on the Katz Sound Answers blog read. “Eight in 10 jewelry buyers reported being receptive to radio ads, believing it is smart for jewelry stores to use radio advertising to communicate with potential customers.”

Katz says its latest case study “confirms that consumers are receptive to radio ads and the ads positively impact brand consideration.”

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