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Survey: Radio 'Most Effective Media Platform' For CBD Advertisers.

When it comes to CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis sold in many forms, including creams, balms, vapes and even bath bombs, radio listeners show higher awareness and likelihood to purchase, according to results from a Provoke Insights survey.

“Radio listeners are more likely to purchase CBD,” Provoke's report says. “They are also more aware of the medical remedy. CBD brands should turn to radio as an effective advertising channel to reach these high-user customers.”

The findings of the survey, conducted among 1,500 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 in March 2022, show 49% of radio listeners are aware of CBD, 36% are more likely to have purchased it in the last month, and 43% say they are likely to purchase it in the future – vs. 45%, 32% and 40% of non-listeners, respectively.

When asked for the reasons they haven't purchased CBD – the most perceived benefits of which, according to the wider sample, are relieving pain, alleviating feelings of anxiety or depression, and improving sleep – no need for the product, and it not being regulated properly, are mentioned by more than 20% of radio listeners. These results suggest that driving the need for CBD given its perceived benefits, and educating listeners on safe regulation, should be addressed in radio ads.

Provoke's report also shows that among those sampled having listened to radio in the past week, half have searched the web for more information, 27% have spoken with others about it, and 19% have purchased the product, after hearing a radio ad, all of which bodes well for advertising CBD.

Additional research from MRI-Simmons' 2022 National Cannabis Study, cited in this week's RAB's “Radio Matters” blog, points out that 16% of radio listeners have consumed CBD in the last 12 months, and of those radio listeners who consume CBD, more than nine in ten agree that cannabis use has many health benefits, cannabis is good for the mind and body, and cannabis should be normalized. Also notable, 37% of these radio-listening CBD consumers report typically listening to music while consuming cannabis products.

“Radio has proven itself to be the most effective media platform,” says Erick Dickens, co-founder and CEO of Kadenwood, a plant-based wellness firm whose cream for aches and pains uses CBD, who explained that AM/FM radio was most effective in generating awareness and sales during the Association of National Advertisers' recent Masters of Marketing conference.

“CBD remains a very relevant health and wellness product with growing popularity,”RAB Content Coordinator Victor Texcucano says. “Retailers selling these products should keep radio in mind when looking to reach new consumers.”

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