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Survey: Beyond All-Demo Apparel, Christmas Music Connects With Big Holiday Shoppers.

For stations that own the Christmas format position in their market, it’s not unusual to see ratings double during the holiday season. And for those that ring sleigh bells year in and year out, that expanded audience delivery can be documented, packaged, and sold – often at a premium. Beyond reaching a larger group of consumers, holiday music also connects with a coveted advertiser target – big holiday shoppers, according to a new survey.

Katz Radio Group surveyed 1,000 adults across the U.S. at the end of November to see how festive they're feeling about holiday music this year, and how listeners compare to the average adult.

The study shows radio listeners and holiday music fans are both more likely than the average person to be big holiday shoppers and to have shopped over Thanksgiving weekend. More than six in ten holiday music fans (61%) and 57% of radio listeners consider themselves to be big holiday shoppers, compared to 54% of the total sample.

“Stations playing holiday music are ideal environments for brands to connect with prime consumer targets,” Katz says in a post on its Sound Answers blog. “Brands that choose to advertise on radio during the holiday season, especially on stations playing all-holiday music, are tapping into festive environments that resonate with consumers and maximize emotional connections. In turn, they are reaching engaged and active consumers who are open to messaging and ready to shop.”

During the holiday season, when Americans are out shopping more, decorating their home or wrapping presents, holiday music becomes a soundtrack for these and other activities, including ones not related to the holidays. “Listeners are in the holiday spirit in the car, at home, at work, and running errands,” Katz says. “Advertisers have ample opportunity to reach consumers in different mindsets, primed for relevant messaging.”

While most radio formats zone in on a specific demographic, holiday music appeals to all demos. Almost eight in ten (78%) of adults surveyed by Katz said they enjoy listening to holiday music, a number that is consistently strong across age breaks. Younger adults 18-34 have the strongest holiday spirit with 38% saying they enjoy holiday music "very much.” That is 11% (4 percentage points) higher than persons 35-49 and persons 55+.

Among big fans of holiday music, Katz found virtually all (98%) like when their local radio stations start playing seasonal tunes. In fact, four in 10 can name a station in their area that is already playing holiday songs.

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