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Super Hi-Fi Sees AI As Catalyst For ‘Radio Renaissance.’

“A radio renaissance is upon us.” That’s the assertion from audio tech company Super Hi-Fi which sees “radical innovation” ahead for the industry. The catalyst is AI, according to the company’s Chief Business Officer, John Bolton. He’s not talking about roboticized voices replacing human DJs on broadcast radio but rather a new way to build “dynamic, localized, personalized, premium radio experiences of all kinds, at massive scale.”

Founded in 2018, Super Hi-Fi works with clients that include Sonos Radio, iHeartRadio, Peloton and others. The company says its patented AI technology can understand “the infinite nuances within music with the expertise of a human radio producer” to create “perfectly transitioned streams of music, interviews, news, weather, advertisements, and other audio content.” Its suite of products include Program Director, an AI-powered operating system for broadcast radio and digital audio that uses artificial intelligence to help programmers with their production, programming, scheduling, automation, and other programming needs.

“The digital transformation of traditional radio will drive the next decade of innovation and growth for the broadcast and music industries,” Bolton says in a LinkedIn post ahead of the company making an announcement next week to coincide with NAB Show New York.

Without offering specifics, Bolton describes in broad strokes how its technology “enables radio broadcasters and digital media platforms to offer dynamic, localized, personalized, premium radio experiences of all kinds, at massive scale” in a way that will reimagine the medium.

Bolton says Super Hi-Fi’s capabilities can bring a level of efficiency to radio broadcasters that “cuts operational costs in half, or more” and frees up programmers to produce better content. His post also hints at “innovative new products” that work both over the air and online to create new revenue opportunities. “Broadcasters know radio better than anyone,” Bolton says in the LinkedIn post. “They’re well positioned to utilize Super Hi-Fi to start leading again with pop culture and music discovery, to catapult the industry and to electrify their listeners in new ways.”

Super Hi-Fi envisions its technology being used by other industries, like movies and video games, to expand their offerings into audio. “We’re going to see entirely new categories open up that drive incremental growth for the music industry,” Bolton says. Streamers like Netflix, Disney+, or Paramount+ could expand their brands and stories “into extraordinary music and audio experiences so their subscribers can listen when they’re not watching.” Similarly, gaming platforms, such as Epic Games or Electronic Arts (EA), could “evolve their in-game looping playlists into dynamic, live-feeling experiences that bring the games to life in a whole new way.” He also envisions automakers offering real-time personalized audio experiences that leverage vehicle data.

“The possibilities are endless when you consider the new found technical capabilities offered by the rise of AI.” Bolton concludes. “The companionship, community, and context that radio provides is a powerful and timeless formula that is making its way into the future.” That future, he adds, includes building and scaling “premium radio experiences for a bigger, better future that benefits everyone in the ecosystem.”

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