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Study Reveals How Audio Can Resonate With Diverse Audiences.

A new study of multicultural audiences underscores opportunities for audio in reaching AAPI, (Asian American Pacific Islander), Black, and Latino listeners as well as multicultural LGBTQ+ communities. SiriusXM Media recently conducted a Cultural Pride Soundboard study that shows how audio keeps these groups connected to their roots, whether it’s music that comforts and compels or podcasts that tell stories.

As the U.S. population grows more diverse, the study encourages advertisers to embrace year-round strategies for their marketing to transcend the general market.

While the study was conducted by SiriusXM, its findings go beyond the satellite broadcaster’s channels and podcasts with insights that reinforce the value of broadcast radio and other audio outlets that target diverse audiences.

“The artists and hosts are our ambassadors, representing our culture and spreading its creativity, joy, and influence throughout the world,” the study says. “Connecting to multicultural audiences through audio can help advertisers tap into positive feelings and associations. And supporting multicultural creators fosters brand awareness and affinity with AAPI, Black, and Hispanic communities.”

The Cultural Pride Soundboard study concludes that music drives expression for multicultural audiences. According to the listener survey, 82% of these groups agree that “music connects me to culture,” 77% say they are “proud to see and listen to artists that represent me and my community” and 73% indicate they “feel proud when artists elevate my culture on mainstream media.”

Drilling down into specific population segments, 42% of AAPI listeners 18+ say they seek lyrics in their native language or dialect. Just over seven in ten Black listeners 18+ (71%) seek elements like rhythm, tempo, and beats. And 61% of Latino listeners 18+ seek music instruments or sounds specific to their culture.

Podcasts, meanwhile, are seen as a way to make a connection with diverse audiences. Half of those surveyed agree that “arts, entertainment and media within my cultural context connect me to my culture.” In addition, half indicate that “personal stories and experiences from individuals within my culture connect me to my culture.” And 46% say the “history and heritage of my culture connect me to my culture.”

As one Black female listener who participated in the survey put it, “Culture is everything. You can’t get by without knowing a whole person and culture helps with that.”

In other findings:

  • Over half of AAPI listeners think audio content (music, podcasts, talk radio) helps them connect with their culture and community.

  • 71% of Black listeners feel that traditional music from their family’s country of heritage connects them to their culture and identity.

  • 68% of Latino listeners feel that traditional music from their family’s country of heritage connects them to their culture and identity.

The study recommends that marketers approach audiences with respect and authenticity and avoid stereotypes. “In audio content, brands can convey authenticity through the careful selection of language, tone and themes that truly resonate with the intended audiences.”

To help ensure their message connects with the intended audience, the report urges brands and content creators to utilize music, sound effects and audio elements that resonate with the cultural heritage of diverse communities. “Cast voice talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that AAPI, Black, Latino and LGBTQ+ voices are not only represented but are also integral to the narrative,” it says.

The study also makes a case for partnering with platforms and podcasts that are popular with diverse communities. “Supporting the platforms not only shows commitment but also helps in reaching audiences in a space they value,” it says.

The Cultural Pride Soundboard study was fielded in May 2023 using SiriusXM Media’s Soundboard research panel, which surveys 90,000 Pandora listeners on a rolling basis. Download it HERE. 

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