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Study: Radio Scores High With Consumers Who Buy ‘Green’ and Have Larger Incomes.

Consumers weigh many factors to decide with what brands and retailers they will spend their money, but environmental responsibility continues to increase in importance. Data from an aggregation of 2020 consumer surveys from The Media Audit indicates 12.6% of all adults buy “green” regularly. Unsurprisingly, almost 60% are 18–44 and almost 75% listen to at least 60 minutes of radio daily.

The survey for a new report from Valassis, a marketing technology and consumer engagement company, reveals 48% of respondents agreed with the statement, “I am more likely to be loyal to a brand or store that shares its efforts to be environmentally responsible, or has sustainable/ethical business practices.”

Numerous studies have concluded environmental and sustainability practices are particularly important among younger adults. The green issue is expected to remain a core principle of these adults as they age and enter the peak of their income-producing and consumer-spending years.

“From the largest global companies to small businesses on Main Street America, marketers are taking a cue from these proactive young adults and making significant changes to their corporate principles and how they produce and manufacture their products,” said Jeff Stein, East Coast Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Companies that don’t join the green revolution are jeopardizing their futures because these young adults will be their prime target audience for decades.”

An even more critical consideration for brands and retailers to understand and target “green-buying” consumers accurately is the importance of the issue to adults 18–44 of all income levels.

The surveys for The Media Audit’s 2020 60-Market Aggregate Report found 17.6% of these younger adults with incomes less than $50K, and 13.4% with incomes less than $25K, buy green regularly. At the other end of income scale, 19.4% with incomes of $75K+ also buy green regularly.

Additional data from The Media Audit reveals adults 18–44 who buy green regularly with incomes of $75K+ listen to 60 minutes of radio daily, slightly more than all adults 18–44 who buy green regularly. Those with incomes of $50K or less don’t listen quite as much, but are still a substantial audience.

All adults 18–44 who buy green regularly: 74.1%.

All adults 18–44 who buy green regularly and incomes of $75K+: 75.9%.

All adults 18–44 who buy green regularly and incomes of $50K or less: 71.6%.

The conclusion from The Media Audit: Radio is an excellent medium for brands and retailers to share messages about their environmental/sustainability efforts with younger adults and especially those with larger incomes and, thus, bigger spenders.

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