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Study: Hispanics Tune In To Travel Destination Radio Ads.

Over the summer a major travel destination launched a marketing campaign on Spanish-language radio to attract Hispanic consumers, which resulted in a 20% increase in intent to visit the destination.

According to Katz Analytics, radio drove incremental lift in performance metrics.

“The radio campaign's measurable impact, raising interest in the destination, proved that it was reaching a first-rate audience of vacation-ready listeners in line with the company's targeting,” Katz said in an Insights blog post detailing the results of the campaign.

The study, the result of a survey of 425 Hispanic adults, revealed that 75% travel and go on vacations; 64% find radio ads for vacation destinations to be interesting; and 76% think it’s smart for travel brands to advertise on the radio to get people excited.

“The majority of Hispanics go on vacations, making them primed for travel-related messaging,” Katz said in the blog post.

The campaign aired on stations in adjacent states to the vacation destination. The spots used Spanish-language copy to effectively communicate the brand’s message and highlighted entertainment options for travelers.

The results found that Hispanics were receptive to the radio campaign and the brand saw an incremental lift in performance metrics. Hispanics who were targeted by the campaign became 20% more likely to visit the destination in the near future.

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