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Study Finds That Drivers Want Better Vehicle Audio Systems.

As more drivers view their vehicle as a third space, 38% say they would like their ride to possess a better audio system, according to a study by DTS and Xperi, which also reveals that 74% of respondents say that sound quality is important when listening to audio in the car.

Additionally, one in four (25%) would like the radio in-dash experience to be more robust, immersive, visual, and informative. Nearly as many (21%) would like their entertainment choices to be as robust in the dashboard as they are on their home devices.

“Drivers are longing for an even better in-cabin experience and companies in the market have an opportunity to meet and captivate drivers’ senses,” a release on the findings from the study read. “Drivers crave personalized solutions that seamlessly integrate with their daily lives. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, companies have a vital role to play in revolutionizing the way drivers enjoy their ride, turning every journey into an unforgettable adventure.”

Other connected car preferences include a more comfortable physical environment (41%), and for their vehicle to understand their seat position, temperature, lighting, and entertainment choices when they enter the vehicle (39%).

The DTS/Xperi study, “Tuning In To Sensational Entertainment Trends,” also finds that as interconnected home entertainment systems become more important to consumers, audio and home entertainment systems will need to become seamless to keep up with consumer demand. More than half of consumers (58%) report that they want their products to be free of wires. This figure is highest amongst Millennials, with 63% wanting their audio/home entertainment systems to be completely wireless.

The “Tuning In To Sensational Entertainment Trends” survey was administered to 4,000 adults, 18 and older, living in the U.S. and UK between April 18-24 (2,000 U.S., 2,000 UK). Both surveys were weighted to nationally representative criteria.

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