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Soccer Stars Promise Their World Cup Podcast Will Be ‘Antithesis’ To Typical Guy-Hosted Show.

The start of the Women’s World Cup is also serving as a launch pad for a new media division from a brand created by a group of four U.S. soccer champions. Christen Press and Tobin Heath – who along with Meghan Klingenberg and Megan Rapinoe founded the Re—Inc brand, will helm their first effort, which is a podcast that recaps World Cup highlights. Called The Re-Cap Show, the podcast will be “the antithesis” of your typical sports broadcast commentary, according to Heath.

“It is an unfiltered, women-led resource that will highlight the perspectives of players who have dedicated their lives to soccer and know the game best,” says Heath. “The Re-Cap Show is here to give our fans what they crave - our unfiltered opinions, what really goes on at world championships, and what the biggest moments truly feel like.”

The U.S. Women’s National Team players made headlines during the 2019 World Cup as they sued the U.S. Soccer Federation and brought to light the huge pay gap between men’s and women’s soccer. At the same time, they brought home a victory to the U.S.

Heath and Press say they leverage their new media division to infuse lived-in, raw sports commentary with insightful and intelligent conversations. As the 2023 World Cup is expected to break viewership records and bring renewed attention to demands for equal pay, they believe their podcast is designed to meet this unique moment in women’s sports.

“We have always aimed to be a purposeful brand that creates social impact,” Press said. “What makes Re–Inc different is that we have never been shy about our ethos and putting our quest for equality in women’s soccer, and women’s sports more broadly, front and center. The Re–Cap Show will be an extension of this mission to level the playing field for all, while amplifying the voices of women in sports.”

The Re-Cap Show will be available in both audio and video formats.

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