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SiriusXM Partners With Audiochuck To Create True Crime Satellite Radio Channel.

Broadcast radio has toyed with putting podcasts on the air, now SiriusXM will create a channel dedicated to the true crime genre under an agreement with Audiochuck. The podcast company launched by Ashley Flowers, which is best known for its Crime Junkie series, has already been monetizing its podcasts through SXM Media and the new channel will give it a way to expose its content to satellite radio listeners.

When the new channel debuts early next year, it will draw on content form Crime Junkie, along with selections from Audiochuck’s other series, such as Anatomy of a Murder, The Deck, CounterClock, and Park Predators. The content will be curated by Flowers and the Audiochuck team, who see the SiriusXM extension to present episodes from their podcasts’ deep archive.

In addition, Flowers will host a new still-untitled series for the channel featuring in-depth conversations with celebrities and special guests about how they became Crime Junkies. In addition, Flowers will host a new series for the channel featuring in-depth conversations with celebrities and special guests about how they became fans of the true crime genre.

“We have a lot of celebrity fans, and so I want to talk to those people and talk about what made them a Crime Junkie, and the cases that they're obsessed with,” said Flowers during a preview event in New York on Wednesday. She said that the idea for the show was inspired by a fellow podcast host, Conan O’Brien, who had told her that he has become a big fan of the true crime category.

The new channel and show is an expansion of SiriusXM’s relationship with Audiochuck, which started in 2021 with an agreement that gives SiriusXM exclusivity to ad sales rights for the network’s acclaimed and award-winning podcasts.

The true crime radio channel will also give SiriusXM a way offer feature one of the biggest content segments, especially among female listeners, but also bring exposure to Audiochuck and podcasting overall. “With this new channel, and the combined marketing power of SiriusXM, Audiochuck will be able to super serve their loyal listeners through an entirely new way to experience and interact with their shows, while further growing their fanbase by reaching audiences who may not yet be podcast consumers,” said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content.

During the event, Flowers also said that the nonprofit Season of Justice (SOJ), which she launched in 2020 to provide financial grants to law enforcement agencies and victims as well as their families to help solve cold cases, has handed out $7.5 million in grants to date.

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