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Seekr and Oxford Road Launch 'Civility Score' for Podcasts.

Seekr, an artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation, and Oxford Road, an independent ad agency in audio, have launched the first-ever Civility Score for podcasts. Seekr's Civility Score offer marketers a way to measure brand suitability in podcast advertising, maximizing brand affinity and return on investment.

"As the marketplace becomes more open to objective, third-party assessments of media content, the Civility Score provides brands with a simple-to-understand and extraordinarily effective way to protect themselves from high-risk content," said Pat Condo, CEO and Founder of Seekr Technologies. "It is a tool designed to move beyond the traditional brand safety and suitability frameworks and strike at the heart of the polarization problem."

Seekr's Civility Score will use AI to objectively measure the volume and intensity of personal attacks within the nation's top podcasts – a key contributor to societal polarization and aggression. Brands can use the detailed scoring to guide their media planning, setting tolerance levels that maintain brand integrity and minimize exposure to potentially damaging content. Specifically, key features of the Civility Score include:

  • Civility Rating: Seekr scores podcasts from low to high civility based on the level of personal attack in each show, factoring in context and nuance when presence of an attack is found.

  • Risk Trends: Seekr tracks civility trends to allow brands to adjust their media spend accordingly and align with quality content.

  • Detailed Metrics: Seekr provides metrics on the amount and nature of personal attacks found in evaluated show content per hour, giving brands detailed data to speed up the evaluation process.

The Civility Score scans podcast episodes in their entirety, enabling it to spot instances of personal attacks that occur at any point in a program, so brands can avoid getting caught in the crossfire. This also identifies instances where topics of discussion may not be inherently controversial and therefore not covered by GARM's 12-point Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework.

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