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RQ Network Adds Five Shows, Including Long-Running Drama Series ‘We’re Alive.’

The RQ Network – launched in May by Rusty Quill Ltd – has added five podcasts to its lineup. The biggest of which is the Wayland Productions audio drama series We’re Alive, which has had more than 250 million downloads since it was launched by Kc Wayland in 2009.

The RQ Network has also added I Am In Eskew and The Stilt Verses – both Eskew Productions – as well as Chris McClure’s indie series The Milkman of St. Gaffs and Cole Weaver’s indie podcast The Town Whispers.

The second wave of show signings came in – what else – a podcast hosted by Rusty Quill founder and CEO Alex Newall. “This second wave is a fantastic illustration to our commitment to championing storytelling at any scale,” he said, noting two of the shows are from podcasters just getting started in the business. “We cannot wait to work with such a talented bunch and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can all cook up together,” said Newall.

Rusty Quill Ltd. is a London-based entertainment production company and podcast creator which entered the podcast scene in June 2015 with the Rusty Quill Gaming podcast. It launched the RQ Network in May with a collection of shows in the horror, action and weird fiction genres alongside its other series like The Magnus Archives and Old Gods of Appalachia.

“We have been stunned by the support and interest RQ Network has seen in the independent podcast community,” said CMO Callum Dougherty. “We launched in May this year, with a goal to help fantastic creators better monetize their shows and reach a wider audience, and we have already seen a 1000% growth in a couple of shows.” He says Wayland’s We’re Alive has been a “huge inspiration” for Rusty Quill as it expanded into the podcast business.

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