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Report: Radio Reaches Consumers Shopping For Clothes.

As Americans return to the workplace, we’re reminded of the power of AM/FM broadcast radio and its reach for those shopping for clothes. In a blog post, Cumulus Media/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard speaks of the strong reach the medium has among clothing shoppers.

Citing stats from MRI, Bouvard says that AM/FM radio reaches 80% of clothing shoppers weekly, trailing only TV (91%) and the internet (95%). Additionally, radio’s weekly reach is greater than the monthly reach among clothing shopper for online music services (58%) and online video (34%).

When compared to TV, radio has a greater share of media time spent during retail’s prime time hours. Between the hours of 8am-6pm, when stores are open and consumers are commuting to and from work, AM/FM radio has the highest share of media usage. Bouvard says that while TV has higher share during evening hours, radio is the stronger choice for retailers seeking to reach potential customers during the prime shopping hours.

Major brands using AM/FM radio include Sketchers USA, Untuckit, Stitch Fix, and Wrangler. Clothing retailers with strong AM/FM radio commitments include Macy’s, Boot Barn, Gap, JCPenney, TJ Maxx, Target and Walmart.

In the piece, Bouvard suggests that in an effort to influence shopping decisions, clothing brands and retailers can use radio’s reach to appeal to consumers while they’re in their vehicles. “AM/FM radio has the highest share of ad-supported audio time spent in the car (87%), far larger than SiriusXM (6%), podcasts (3%), ad-supported Pandora (2%) and ad-supported Spotify (1%),” he writes.

Bouvard notes that listeners of news/talk and sports radio over index among clothing shoppers who are 22% more likely to participate in radio sweepstakes, contests or local activations; 8% more likely to agree that a talent or celebrity endorsement may influence them to consider or buy a product; 51% more likely to attend a concert or place importance on VIP access; and 8% more likely to have downloaded or listened to a podcast in the last 30 days.

According to Nielsen sales effect case studies, AM/FM radio delivers strong ROI for clothing retailers: $16 of sales for every dollar of radio advertising spend from mass merchandisers and $17 in return on advertising spend for department stores, Bouvard says in the blog post.

Nielsen also says that radio boosts total shoppers and total sales. For department stores, radio grew total shoppers (+3%) and total sales (+10%). Among mass merchandisers, AM/FM radio advertising increased total shoppers by 2% and grew total sales by 1%.

Exposure on radio also boosts purchase intent, ad recall, sales, brand images, favorability and recommendation for fashion brands. According to a Nielsen study of a workwear clothing brand commissioned by Cumulus Media/Westwood One, radio exposure boosted brand images by 25%, favorability (+23%) and recommendation (+22%).

A MARU/Matchbox study of a major menswear clothing brand showed a 63% increase in ad recall, purchase intent (+131%), likelihood to purchase three or more of the brand’s products at a time (+100%) and likelihood to shop the brand three or more times a year (+64%).

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